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Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Interested in piano lessons for yourself or a child?

Contact Barry for a free consultation. He would love to meet you! This consultation is a chance to get acquainted, assess skills, determine long-term goals, and learn the specifics of Barry’s teaching methods and policies. For the best piano lessons, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no obligation and no registration fees!

Stuck at home? No problem – get lessons online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime!

People across the Los Angeles area take piano lessons with Barry, from North Hollywood, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena, to Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Encino, Woodland Hills, Northridge, Ventura and beyond!

  • Beginner – Advanced
  • Ages 5 – Adult and Seniors
  • Skilled communication with all age groups
  • At our Valley Village studio, your home, or online!
  • Member: Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC)
  • Member: California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT)
  • Piano Teaching Policy available HERE
  • Client reviews available below
  • Teaching since 1994


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The gift of music!  Perfect any time of year!

• Print your receipt and call for scheduling.
• Current enrollees excluded.
Save $15 on 2 Lessons. $30 on 3! (Order limit: 1)



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In addition to piano lessons, the Wehrli Music Studio offers hands-on training with state-of-the-art hardware and software by Apple, Yamaha, Roland, Kurzweil, Steinberg, MOTU or in-home help with your own keyboard or system. With decades of experience, Barry can solve many of the complexities behind today’s home studios. Contact him HERE.



Barry is a fantastic teacher. I could tell he had a deep love for his craft upon our first meeting. His perception regarding what you need to work on as a student is precise. Follow his lesson plans to the letter and you will earn great results.

Ben G.   Valley Village   

Barry is the best! I took my first piano lesson of my life at the age of 31 earlier this year, and now I'm obsessed. I'm so happy to have Barry as a guide. He keeps lessons really fun and engaging, and his lesson materials are terrific! So glad I found him!!

Daniel A.   Studio City   

I moved my daughter to Barry for piano lessons after 7 years with another instructor. Here's the basic difference. The other instructor taught Batya how to play songs. Barry teaches how to play piano. He has an excellent series of books that he has authored to provide a framework for the kids to learn. He has extraordinary patience with his students. There is a quiet, structured environment for the one-on-one sessions. The quality of the instruction is top notch. Barry is a real pro who not only loves kids but loves his trade. I highly recommend him if you are considering piano lessons for yourself or for your children.

Rob K.   Valley Village   

My 11 year old son Alex has been talking piano lessons from Barry for the past few years. Barry is a highly professional, creative, responsible person. He has unlimited patience for his students, never raises his voice, always explains in the right way and instills a feeling of confidence in his students. Barry has a very effective teaching method based on his own instructional books. Alex is looking forward to every lesson. I really appreciate Barry's hard work in teaching my son!!! If you have the lucky chance to meet Mr Barry Wehrli, please don't hesitate to ask him to be a teacher for your children or even for yourself :))))

Nadia L.   Burbank   

I am a currently a piano student of Barry’s and have been for a few years now. I always wanted to learn how to play the piano and was looking for a teacher that would be patient and supportive during my learning process. As I started my piano journey with Barry I quickly noted his passion for teaching and his desire for wanting me to be successful in my piano playing. He constantly encourages and reminds me when my hands, fingers, wrists (or whole body for that matter) need to be adjusted to help facilitate certain music passages that I may be having difficulties with. In addition, Barry is an active musician which I feel adds practicality to my own learning and playing experience. If you are looking for a piano teacher who is knowledgeable, meticulous (in a good way), encouraging and supportive of your piano playing goals, give him a call.

Danny W.   Oxnard   

I've been taking piano lessons from Barry for the past few years and he might be the most exceptional teacher I've ever had -- incredibly patient and analytical. I've seen strong and steady growth in my skills throughout my studies with him and am very happy with what I've accomplished. In addition to being a great in-person instructor I'm actually more impressed with his published instructional books - esp the Mastering Intervals Book and Piano/Keyboard Technique book. They're all so well designed and challenging, yet rewarding and straightforward.

Leon H.   Los Angeles   

Barry is one of the greatest teacher I've come across. His teaching style motivates you to learn more and to become a better player. He explains theory when necessary to help his students to have better understanding of certain materials. I've learned so much over the year. His passion for music is what keeps me interested in having him as my piano teacher. I definitely recommend Barry if you want to grow as a musician!

Jane D.   Sherman Oaks   

There is no better piano instructor than Barry. Not only does he use effective teaching techniques and materials (his own workbooks) to explain key music points but he also has a great temperament and is very responsive to the student's interests in learning a particular style of music. I worked with Barry to learn jazz techniques after gaining a more solid foundation in scales and other music essentials through my studies with him. I always looked forward to my lessons as Barry made them most enjoyable and I felt my progress throughout the time I studied with him. As an adult piano player who returned to lessons after a hiatus of a few years, I found that Barry brought out the best in me as I sought to further my piano skills and playing. I highly recommend him.

Sue R.   Toluca Lake   

Our older son agreed to take to take piano lessons on a trial basis. After only one month under Barry’s care and guidance,he decided to continue and has enjoyed piano for the past five years. Our younger son is just completing his first year. I’ve seen first-hand how Barry’s originality and personalized instruction carries a project from beginning to end. It is wonderful to see the progress – from a student who cannot read music to one who composes and plays for his own enjoyment.

Linda W.   Northridge   

Barry noted my son’s interest in music at a very young age and was willing to begin lessons when other teachers would not even attempt it. Barry’s lessons have been wonderful for my son. While Barry has high expectations of his students, he displays compassion and patience that I have not seen in other teachers. This makes challenging lessons more palatable and productive. Barry also is very observant and in-tune with his students. For example, he noted that my son has perfect pitch when he was only three. That was a thrilling discovery!

Julius W.   Encino   

We see results that often times brings tears to our eyes as parents when we hear our daughter not only gain more and more command of the piano as an instrument but also develop a deeper and deeper appreciation of music in general. We are convinced that you are helping to create a skill and develop a talent that, at a minimum, will provide our daughter a perennial source of enjoyment throughout her life.

Randall & Gail F.   Canoga Park   

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