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Lifetime Teacher Discount

20% Lifetime Teacher Discount Banner
Our Lifetime Teacher Discount (LTD) offers teachers a way to purchase innovative teaching materials for their studios at substantial savings. This permanent 20% discount is good on any book or compact disc not already on sale.

It’s easy! Send us either your website URL or proof of membership in a state-affiliate of the Music Teachers National Association or other music teaching organization.  In the Subject line, enter “LTD Request”.

• You will receive a confirmation email with your personal coupon code, effective immediately.
• In your cart or at checkout, enter your code in the field provided and click “APPLY COUPON”.
• Your 20% discount will last indefinitely, upon the terms and conditions stated below.

Lifetime Teacher Discount FAQs

• Does it matter where I teach?
No. You may teach privately or in any school or university, full or part-time, anywhere in the U.S.

• Does it matter what I teach?
Yes. You must teach the public in any of these musical fields: voice, instrument, theory, or composition. Though many of the products at Wehrli Publications are geared toward piano & keyboard, Mastering Intervals, Music Journal and others are beneficial to virtually all musicians.

• Does my LTD coupon work on any other sites?
No. Your LTD coupon is good only at the Wehrli Publications website.

• Could I ever lose my Lifetime Teacher Discount?
Your LTD shall remain in effect as long as 1) Barry Wehrli retains ownership of Wehrli Publications and 2) your LTD is used for purchases by you, for your studio exclusively. Should company ownership ever change, the new owner(s) shall have the right to rescind any or all LTDs. Should any teacher allow another person to use his/her coupon code, that LTD shall be terminated immediately. Please respect the privilege of having a Lifetime Teacher Discount.

• Having a LTD, does it make sense to purchase any of the “Packs”?
For the Beginner and Intermediate “Essentials Packs” (discounted 15% to the general public), add those items to your cart individually, then apply your coupon code to receive the full 20% discount. For the Beginner and Intermediate “Complete Packs” (discounted 20% to the general public), simply purchase the desired “Complete Pack”. No coupon is needed.

Remember, coupon codes provide a 20% discount on books and CDs not currently on sale.

If you have any other questions regarding our Lifetime Teacher Discount, please contact us HERE.