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Piano Teaching Policy

A clear understanding of the Piano Teaching Policy below is required before music instruction at Wehrli Publications and Music Studio can begin. For your own records, a printed copy of this Piano Teaching Policy will be provided during your free initial consultation. A second copy, requiring your printed name, signature and date of signing, shall be kept on record at Wehrli Publications and Music Studio. By signing and dating the Piano Teaching Policy, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated therein. Wehrli Publications and Music Studio reserves the right to change any term or condition within this Piano Teaching Policy or to add new terms or conditions. Should such changes occur, you will not be responsible for adhering to such terms and conditions until the next calendar month, at which time a new Piano Teaching Policy will be issued requiring your printed name, signature and date of signing. Notification to all currently-enrolled students of any changes to the Piano Teaching Policy shall be done in a timely manner.

1. Tuition is billed monthly. Invoices are provided at the time of payment (unless requested earlier).
2. Payment is due in full at the first lesson or within the first week of each month, whichever is first.
3. A Late Fee of $10.00 is charged for tuition received after the first week of the month.
4. A $25.00 Returned Check charge will be billed for all returned checks.
5. Tuition is not refundable.
6. New students starting after the first week of the month are billed only for the hours booked that month. Regular monthly billing begins the following month.
7. Consistent late payment will result in the lessons being discontinued.
8. Tuition is billed by the hours booked each month, not by the number of lessons attended. For example, a student taking lessons on Mondays is billed for all Mondays in the coming month. (The only exceptions being Scheduling and Attendance, item 6, or if the instructor cancels the lesson.)
9. Tuition does not include any books or materials.

1. All missed lessons must be rescheduled (except as noted in item 6, below).
2. To reschedule a lesson, a minimum of 24 hours advance notice must be given. The lesson is forfeited, regardless of the reason, if 24 hours notice is not given.
3. A make-up lesson is scheduled in one of the following ways:
A) Adding additional time to subsequent lessons. This is possible only if arrangements can be made with surrounding students.
B) Taking the entire lesson at a different time. For in-home instruction, a make-up must occur on a day I am already in your area and must be adjacent to existing appointments.
C) Attending a make-up lesson at my home on a Sunday afternoon. Efforts will be made to do make-ups at the student’s convenience. However, failure to agree to any of the above means will result in the missed lesson being forfeited.
4. No make-ups are given for no-shows, regardless of reason.
5. No make-ups are given for make-up lessons not attended.
6. Students may skip two (2) weeks of instruction each calendar year without make-ups or payment. Typically this is used for vacations and may be taken any time during the year.
7. Two weeks notice must be given before taking a voluntary leave of absence or discontinuing lessons.

1. 10% off on tuition booked six or more months in advance for piano instruction.
2. When a student you refer signs up for lessons, you will receive TWO free lessons of the same duration.
3. Gift Lessons are available for that someone special. A great gift idea, year round! Click HERE.

I have read the above policy and agree to follow it.

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Piano Teaching Policy updated June 13, 2017.                     Pastimes Policy

Piano Teaching Policy – Wehrli Publications